This section presents the admission requirements of the University of San Jose-Recoletos. You may go directly to a specific course requirement by selecting the type of student you are.
The University of San Jose-Recoletos is open to students who meet its academic standards and who are personally qualified to acquire a formal education, and willing to abide by the rules and ideas of the institution.

Admission requirements vary with the status of the prospective student and the program in which he desires to enroll. University of San Jose-Recoletos reserves the right not to accept any applicant whose qualifications do not meet the standards and requirements of the program in which he desires to enroll. Complete details of each program's requirements are available in the offices of all colleges / departments concerned. The following documents, records, and forms are required of each enrollee for proper evaluation of his qualification based on his classification. Each college / department may require additional documents other than those specified below.
Freshmen are high school graduates enrolling in college for the first time. At the time of enrolment, a freshman must submit his high school report card (Form 138) duly certified by the Principal, and the original copy of his NSAT result.

Students who do not reach the cut-off score of the department concerned are required to take entrance examinations.
Transfer students are those who wish to enroll in the University after having been enrolled in college course at another institution. At the time of enrollment, a transferee must submit the following credentials:

A certificate of transfer credentials from the school last attended. Birth Certificate. Certified Photocopy of the NCEE results if not reflected in any other document submitted. Photocopy of high school card. An informative copy of his transcript of records which should include the descriptive title of the subjects taken, the number of units and the grades earned. Certificate of good moral character. University's Special Admission Committee (SAC) clearance.

Returning students
Returning students are students who have been discharged from USJ-R either through graduation or by their own volition, or those have discontinued their studies in USJ-R but do not have valid leaves of absence; provided that they have not enrolled in any other school after leaving USJ-R.

At the time of enrollment, a returning student must have copies of his grades of the previous semester in which he was enrolled in USJ-R, SAC clearance, and accounting office clearance.
Continuing students
Continuing students are those previously enrolled in the University in the immediately preceding semester, or have valid leaves of absence for the for the period during which they have discontinued their studies, and are enrolled in the same course.

At the time of his enrolment, a continuing student must have a copy of his grades for all the subjects of the previous semester. A student with failures is subject to the retention policy of his department and will require office-go-signal before he can enroll.
Shiftees are similar to continuing students except that they would like to shift to another course. Aside from the requirements for continuing students SAC clearance is also required.
Special Students
Special students are those who are not qualified for college work, but are nevertheless admitted into the university because they have sufficient abilities to benefit from lectures and classroom recitation. As such they are not entitled to receive official credit for their work.

Special students may be admitted at any time to a course which they wish to attend provided that:
They receive the approval of the dean for each of the course they propose to participate in. They execute a contract in which they waive the right to receive and to demand credit for the work done. They pay in full all the fees at the time of enrolment.
Aside from the provisions of Section 2, "Classification of Students and Admission Requirements", other requirements apply to the students given below.
Foreign Students
Foreign students are non-immigrant aliens who have the proper authorization to enroll in a Philippine school of their choice.

Foreign students should apply for admission to the university registrar. A complete copy of the official transcript of high school and college records should be sent with the application to the university. The records will be evaluated by the college / department concerned and if found satisfactory will be forwarded to the Department of Education, Culture and Sports (DECS), Manila. A copy of the Certificate of Eligibility for Admission (CEA), together with the Certificate of Acceptance of the University Registrar, will be sent to the applicant. Only upon receipt of these documents from the university should an applicant for a student's visa be made.

In accordance with regulations of the DECS and other government agencies supervising foreign students, no foreign students should be allowed to enroll unless he can submit a valid permit to study, a verified Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR), and a student's visa to the registrar's office.
Philippine Resident Alien Students
Philippine resident alien students must submit to the registrar's office, three (3) photocopied copies of their Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR) with the original copy of the same for verification.
Naturalized Filipino Citizens
Naturalized Filipino citizens must submit a copy of their identification Certificate issued and authenticated by the Commissioner of Immigration.

Public School Teachers and Non-teaching Government Employees:
A permit to study from the division superintendent is necessary for public school teachers and/or from the department head for non-teaching government employees.
Birth Certificate Requirement:
All students except foreign students are required to submit their birth certificate to the registrar's office.
PVAO Students
Students with educational benefits under Republic Act No. 65 are required to submit upon enrolment PVAO From No 2-2-c2 (Enrolment and Billing Form) in order to avail of the benefits under this Act.
USVA Grantees
Students enjoying benefits under the United States Serviceman Readjustment Act (G.I. Bill of Rights) should present upon enrolment, a letter of entitlement to avail of the benefits under this Act.
College of Law Students
The following are additional requirements for enrolment in a regular law course:
Graduation from a Bachelor of Arts of Science program with the following minimum subject group requirements:

English - 12 units
Math - 6 units
Social Science - 18 units
Form C-1 as prescribed by the Supreme Court of the Philippines, to serve as a certificate of eligibility for a student to enroll in the college of law. It shall be sought and obtained from the region where the student has graduated from his baccalaureate degree.
Graduate Students Students desiring to take graduate studies are advised to inquire from the graduate school office regarding the graduate programs and their academic requirements.