USJ-R Seal

The New USJ-R Seal
Caritas et Scientia
This crowning inscription, Charity and Science, reflects the origin and the goal of the University. To be the channel of love and truth is to lead towards God, who is Himself Love and Truth, the Absolute Good.

The ribbon depicts service.
The Book and The Flaming Pierced Heart
The book symbolizes the Sacred Scriptures and the teaching authority of the Church which the University strictly adheres to. The flame illustrates restlessness which, according to Saint Augustine, can be stopped only when the heart has found its rest in God. Together, these symbols portray the Christian dimension of Caritas et Scientia.
Rope / Cord
The rope surrounding the seal represents discipline and teamwork.

Discipline forms character; character fosters teamwork, a value which the Josenian community stands for.
Bamboo Cross, Book, Heart, Rays of the Sun, Belt
These identify the institution as belonging to the Province of Saint Ezekiel Moreno of the Order of Augustinian Recollects. These also evoke the missionary and global thrust of the Recoleto brand of education.