Vision & Mission


We envision the University of San Jose-Recoletos to be a premier Gospel and community-oriented educational institution committed to transforming individuals to become more responsive leaders of the society through innovation integral formation.

Mission Statements

  •  Actively infuse Gospel values into curricular offerings.
  •  Continuously develop and undertake innovative curricular and research programs and provide facilities that ensure excellent quality Christian Community-Oriented Education.
  •  Tirelessly cultivate the stake holders manifold gifts to enhance their holistic and full growth enabling them to become responsive leaders in the society.
  •  Conscientiously integrate Augustinian Recollect charism and core values in all programs in order to live out St. Augustine's motto of "Caritas et Scientia" (Love and Knowledge).
  •  Efficiently, effectively and ethically implement measures to ensure economic viability and social desirability of programs.

  • Interiority - The enthusiasm to live out one's life as an authentic witness of God, being maka Diyos, makatao, makapamilya.
  • Nationalism - The loyalty to ones own country by developing a profound sense of national consciousness, appreciation of distinct culture, preservation of the environment among other endeavors.
  • Service - The willingness, availability and readiness to share generously ones time, resources and expertise to the institution.
  • Pioneerism - Being at the forefront in the pursuit of new ideas and better ways of doing things.
  • Integrity - Ther living of a virtous christian life worthy of emulation
  • Reliability - The ability to respond diligently to the expectations in relation to ones roles and tasks using sound judgement.
  • Excellence - The desire to transcend onself towards higher levels of achievement.